Move Over Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin Grahams Are Here

When the seasons change and fall comes around, some people think of pumpkin pie. Others think of pumpkin lattes. But over at Potter’s Cracker we think of Pumpkin Grahams.

The process for making these delicious crackers starts early in the year – well before most folks are even thinking pumpkin. We head out of the cracker kitchen to find the perfect pumpkin. The perfect pumpkin has to have plenty of strong flavored and sweet meat. This years pumpkins come from Riverdog Farm. they are located about an hour outside of Sacramento towards the foothills.  

This delicious cracker has many great pairings. Over here at Potter’s Crackers we enjoy these grahams with with a cup of coffee in the morning. Before dinner we serve them smeared with fresh chevre from Harley Farms. After dinner we love them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some warm pumpkin butter.

Hope you get to enjoy this delicious cracker as much as we do!


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