Potter’s Has Gluten Free!

Gluten free is finally here!  We didn’t want to bring a gluten free product to market unless it was tasty, had a great texture, and was made with healthy, organic, whole grain products.  We think we achieved all our goals with our new Toasty Oat Crackers and our Roasted Garlic Crackers.

If you guessed the primary grain in our Toasty Oat and our Roasted Garlic was whole oats you would be spot on!  Although oats by themselves are a gluten free grain, they are often contaminated with wheat gluten both in the field and at the mill.  That’s why we use only certified gluten free oats for our crackers. The crackers are made in a separate room and on separate equipment.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it took a family to come up with these unique crackers! My partner and son, Pete, is a food scientist and he developed the recipes. Those cute gluten free stickers on the bags come from my daughter Greta’s business, layercakeshop.com.

We are really excited about these two new crackers.  We think you will be too!

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