It is cold out there!

This ridiculous winter weather is keeping many of us inside and others wishing they were!  Speaking as a Wisconsinite who has never enjoyed snow bird status, I say stay in and make a pot of soup!  It is the best antidote.

Once you have the pot bubbling go get yourself a package of Potter’s Crackers to enjoy with it.  Our traditional flavors pair well with all soups but don’t be afraid to give our Baked Potato Chive a go. I never dreamed that a cracker could capture that subtle Wisconsin potato flavor but this cracker does.  We only have it in the winter so get it when you can.

As you can see by our selection, this is root vegetable time.  Along with our Baked Potato Chive we have our Butternut Curry.  Both say winter in their own unique way.  Our graham this time of year is Cranberry.  I love this pic of our baker, Stan, sprinkling sugar on our Cranberry Grahams this morning! He says the height makes all the difference in the world!


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