It’s a Win, Win, Win!

In keeping with our deep commitment to being as green as possible, we have always attached our tags to our bags with natural hemp twine.

In the beginning years of Potters, I discovered that I can cut hemp and string tags while I talk on the phone, watch TV, read a book, visit with my daughter, play with my granddaughter, you name it and I can keep cutting!  At the risk of alienating my entire family and developing a serious case of carpel tunnel, I knew there had to be a different way and I found it the day MARC walked into my life!

Madison Area Rehabilitation Centers provide community as well as center-based employment, day services and personal care to adults with developmental disabilities here in Dane County. They came into Potter’s, we negotiated a contract and presto, they took over stringing all our tags!

Every week they stop by and pick up large spools of twine and boxes of tags and return them the following week all ready to go!  Its like magic, only it isn’t.  What it is is a staff of caring, patient and committed folks whose goal is to provide a meaningful and respectful work environment for their clients.

Thank you to MARC, their staff and their clients.  Now the next time you open a bag of Potter’s Crackers remember it was produced and brought to you by a team- not just farmers, bakers and cracker packers but also MARC stringers like Paul and Jenny pictured here!

For more information about MARC check out their web site at


And remember, “Where there is good cheese, there is Potters!”



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