Peter Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers!

by | September 3, 2012 | News

Well, they aren’t exactly pickled but we did add the peppers!  When my son (and business partner Pete) was in college I used to help him with his food budget by buying him gallon jars of jalapeños and leaving them on his doorstep!  Pete’s theory was anything was better with a little heat!

Given Pete’s philosophy it is pretty surprising that it took us this long to debut a pepper cracker but, trust me, it was worth the wait!  The cornmeal gives this cracker a really nice texture and the local jalapeños that we grind up and put right in the dough don’t just add spice, they add a really nice flavor too!  We have been sampling this at Farmer’s Market and the response is almost unanimous, real jalapeño flavor and a very nice afterglow!

Try some with some Pepper Jack or Cheddar.

September is here and that means apples are too! This is our first week for Apple Grahams.  So take that Cheddar you bought to eat with your Jalapeño Corn and pair some of it with this Apple and you will be one happy camper!

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