Potter’s Crisps

The crisps are here, the crisps are here!

My partner and son Pete developed our crisps and got started producing them earlier this year in Potter’s California and now we have them here in Wisconsin too!  Crisps are a different texture and flavor compared to our original flatbread-style crackers and we are tickled to have this new addition to our cracker family!

This is truly a Wisconsin product!  We are not only the largest cranberry producer in the country, we are also a big onion producer and  home to a fledgling organic hazelnut sector.  Even the cute berry box that our Caramelized Onion Crisps and Hazelnut Cranberry Crisps come in hails from just a few miles away from our kitchen!

Crisps are phenomenal with cheese. They are great crunched up in yogurt, eaten on their own and  I just had a customer tell me  they used the Caramelized Onion as croutons atop homemade tomato soup.  The possibilities are endless!

We recently had an observant customer spot a box of Potter’s Crisps on the countertop of designer Joy Cho in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  This is the style makers issue and it looks like Potter’s Crisps fit right in!



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