Pickled eggs are one of my favorite things to eat with Potter’s Crackers. The options are nearly endless, the flavors can be sublime, and they’re so easy to make! Just as in pickling produce, the eggs are preserved by and take on the flavor of the vinegary brine they are placed in, but the process can be a whole lot simpler. Sure, you can make your own pickling brine based on a recipe, but why bother when that work is already done and sitting in your fridge?

Did you just eat the last dill pickle spear? Don’t throw out the jar! Strain off the solids and toss in a few peeled hard-boiled eggs. Put it back in the fridge, wait at least 4 days, then enjoy your salty-sour pickled eggs, reminiscent of deviled eggs but without the extra work!

You can use any pickling brine you like! My all-time favorite method is using my mother-in-law’s delectable pickled beets. The beet juice turns the egg whites a fantastic dark pink, and the flavor is soooo good! I also like to use Chef K. Clark’s Moroccan Spiced Pickled Asparagus brine for a nice and spicy option.

Here are some other easy flavor concoctions to try:
Mix balsamic vinegar with lemonade or berry juice
Mix rice wine vinegar with ginger and a little soy sauce
Mix white vinegar with dry bloody mary mix

The only real guideline here is to make sure that the mix is good and vinegary since that’s the main component for the pickling process. You don’t need to heat the liquid. Just place 3 or 4 peeled hard boiled eggs in a standard 16 oz canning jar, pour enough liquid to cover the eggs, lid the jar and refrigerate. The flavors start to come through after about 4 days, but they will intensify after about a week. Kept refridgerated they’ll last about 3 to 4 months but you’ll probably eat them before that long!