Summer Flavors Are Here!

Basil, dill and carrots make their debut this week!

When we see fresh dill on our availability list from  Keewaydin Farms then we know summer is officially here!  We ordered in our first dill and then begged for just a few pounds of early basil to get started with.

Basil Walnut Pesto Crackers are one of the boldest flavors we offer. I have learned there are two distinct cracker palettes out there.  There are folks who want the crackers to play second fiddle to whatever they put on them and there are those who want a flavor giant of a cracker.  For those of you looking for that “big flavor”, Basil Walnut Pesto is for you.  Fresh garlic and fresh basil really deliver a satisfying pesto profile.

Carrot Grahams are so pretty!  You see shreds of bright, fresh carrot in every cracker!  Like our other grahams, they are nice alone for a sweet treat or pair well with  mild cheeses.  Summer Dill Crackers have a crisp, clean flavor  that compliments almost all cheeses.

Just like the garden is bountiful in July, so are your crackers choices.  Go for it, try something new!

Remember- “Where there is great cheese, there is Potter’s.”

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