Sweet potatoes, corn and apples oh my!

by | September 16, 2011 | News

Fall is here in the cracker kitchen and so are some of my favorite crackers!

When I was a kid my mom would make what we called Cinnamon Tarts from her leftover piecrust.  She took the dough, rolled it thin, spread it with butter and cinnamon, rolled it up and sliced it like she was making little cinnamon rolls and baked them.  These miniature little swirls were the highlight of pie day! This is what Apple Grahams remind me of.  They are perfect alone or with a cheddar or spread with apple butter or a fruit dip or peanut butter or …you name it!  They aren’t around long, pumpkin time is almost here, so enjoy them while you can!

Our local organic sweet corn comes in later than most so our Grilled Corn and Onion Crackers are just making their appearance. You cannot imagine how good the cracker kitchen smells when we bake this outstanding cracker (and it is pretty too)!  This is the cracker that originally inspired our seasonal approach to flavors. That very first autumn we tasted the first grilled corn cracker and thought, “This cracker just shouts fall in Wisconsin, we have to make this when the corn is here.  It doesn’t belong to spring and summer.” That is the moment we realized our inspiration is our local farmers’ market, not the existing cracker one, and the true spirit of Potter’s Crackers was born.

Did you know sweet potatoes need to be “cured” before they fully develop their flavors?  We take cured sweet potatoes, roast them and then deliver this earthy sweet flavor to you in Sweet Potato Onion Crackers!

Sweet corn, sweet apples, sweet potatoes- fall in a time of abundance, enjoy the fruits of the season!

And remember, “Where there is great cheese, there is Potter’s.”


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