It is looking like Thanksgiving around here!  We are busy roasting pumpkins and sweet potatoes and gearing up for the holidays coming.

We had four bakers working this morning, a crew of four packaging crackers and another two packaging crisps.  The mixer and the ovens and the music were all going strong!  There I was tying on tags and it suddenly occurred to me all this activity is because back in 2006 my son Pete and I thought that Wisconsin cheese needed a great cracker!  It has been an exciting journey and continues to be every day!  I guess I couldn’t ask for more.

Starting next Monday we have my favorite available, Cranberry Graham. Did you know Wisconsin is tops in cranberry production!  Cranberry Wild Rice is tasty but nothing honors the Wisconsin cranberry like Cranberry Graham.

We decided to overlap Cranberry Graham and Pumpkin Graham this year.  I mean what could be better than showing up to a Thanksgiving dinner invitation with a Potter’s trio, Cranberry Graham, Pumpkin Graham and Sweet Potato Onion! It does Wisconsin proud!

Happy Thanksgiving from Potter’s

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