Winter Curry

by | January 28, 2014 | News

Winter means root vegetables in Wisconsin and Potter’s is no exception!  This is our last week for Sweet Potato Onion and our first week for Butternut Curry.  This flavorful cracker is one of my favorites.  Yes, it is bold in both color and taste but give it a try. If you love curry you will love this cracker!

January and February alway bring changes here around Potter’s.  This is our time after the busy holidays to do rearranging, reorganizing and implementation.  We love starting the new year with new processes and new ideas but a visit from the past is always fun too.  In 2006 when we went to hire our first cracker packer, we hired a neighborhood girl named Lilly.  As we grew and we needed another packer, Lilly introduced us to her friend Nellie.  Nellie and Lilly worked here all through high school and then went off to college. Over winter break Nellie and Lilly stopped by to say hello.  I can’t believe it, they will both graduate from college this spring!  It was so good to see them, as Potter’s grows so do the special relationships we have.

Lilly and Nellie

Lilly and Nellie, our first cracker packers!