Yes, Virginia, there is cheese in California.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season!  I had no idea BC (before crackers) that this would be a seasonal business but let me tell you; it is crazy around here during December!  It makes me so happy when I think about all those celebrations that Potter’s was a part of!

Now about that cheese in California!  Many of you may have noticed that a Potter’s quietly sprung up in Sacramento late last year and began spreading the “flavors of California” in handmade, artisan, organic, cracker form!  Yes, it’s true my son and business partner, Peter Potter Weber, started Potter’s West!  Pete graduated with an MBA from UC-Davis last summer and decided to stay in CA .  If I had to lose my son to somewhere thank goodness he picked a place with cheese!

Just like Potter’s here in Wisconsin, they have a commitment to supporting their local farmers with flavors like Kalamata Olive and Orange Grahams. Eventually Potter’s West will have their own web site but for now if you live in the West and are looking for a local, organic cracker, Pete can be contacted at [email protected]

It is exciting to expand and at the same time keep our commitment to being a local artisan product.  And remember-

“Where there is great cheese, there is Potter’s”

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